How to consume less electricity and gas using Renewable Energies?

How to consume less electricity and gas using Renewable Energies?

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By Andrea Condurso

And judging by the lack of measures to preserve energy, it seems that we believe that we can freely consume more and more and that it will never end. This may be the case, but to ensure that we must balance energy supply and demand. How? Since apparently we will not be able to reduce total consumption in the future, the path that remains is to find other sources of energy that allow us to supply ourselves and partially replace what we consume from conventional energy, with other alternatives. For this, there are Renewable Energies, which are energies obtained from natural sources such as the sun, water, air and the earth.

The first benefit that we obtain with their incorporation into our homes is that they allow us to reduce the costs we pay for public services, such as electricity and gas.

Another benefit includes the ability to have my house partially lit in the event of a power outage. We can also generate hot water for washing or showering without consuming gas.

Or illuminate gardens and streets, using sunlight and without spending a penny on its operation. Some of the available options are:

1- A very practical option is to put a GREEN TERRACE on the roof of your house. It generates more insulation, therefore you need less heating in winter and less cooling in summer.

2- Another option is the SOLAR THERMOTANKS: they heat water with exposure to sunlight and provide hot water for washing and showers

3- There are also the PHOTOVOLTAIC PANELS: with them electricity is generated from the sun's energy and therefore they give us free energy.

4- SOLAR LIGHTS: They are ideal for outdoor lighting for gardens, streets and building fronts and once installed, they work without consuming energy from the electrical network

5- SOLAR SKYLIGHTS, are very useful for environments without windows or with little possibility of receiving natural light, since they capture sunlight on the ceiling and transfer it to where you need it, reflecting it through mirrors and avoiding the need to turn on lamps

6- HEATING WINDOWS: window glass is the place where the greatest amount of heating energy is lost, generated in a house. These windows have a heating system to avoid that loss

7- EFFICIENT BLINDS: They are shutters with specially designed insulation to reduce the loss (in winter) or gain (in summer) of heat that occurs through the window glass.

8- LED LIGHTING: Although they are powered by conventional electricity, they consume a tenth of the incandescent lamps and last up to 500 times longer. You don't see a big difference in savings if you only change one lamp, but if you light your house with LEDs, the electricity bill will change considerably

9- RAINWATER COLLECTION: They capture rainwater and allow it to be reused for irrigation and washing

10- And there are also systems for STORAGE OF ELECTRICAL ENERGY in the network, which do not save, but allow us to store energy and use it to illuminate when the power goes out

The way to make the most of the advantages of these systems is to carry out an analysis of sunlight, geometry, materials and technical properties of the construction in which they will be installed. For this reason, the choice of each Renewable Energy system depends on the building and the use that is required, since each one will be more (or less) favorable depending on the place and the way in which it is used. Fortunately, most systems are modular, which allows us to start with a small catchment area and then gradually increase it. In an ideal world, all buildings would be designed and built according to sustainability and energy saving criteria. On the other hand, in the world we live in, the thousands of activities in our daily lives hardly allow us to slow down the fast pace and stop to think about how to invest in our future. Year after year, we keep repeating old formulas, without realizing that, today more than ever, we need to incorporate new forms of production and consumption. And for this, it is essential to experiment, test, have some approach to these new forms of energy production, since only after knowing them, we will be able to understand the benefits they provide.

I firmly believe that the quality of life of the next generations depends on how we take care of the planet and I believe even more that change will only be possible when renewable energies are part of our daily life, when each house has its own energy saving system. Until then, we will have to open paths to overcome ignorance. The possibilities that nature offers us are many… and they work for free!

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