15 catastrophic consequences that lie ahead of Climate Change

15 catastrophic consequences that lie ahead of Climate Change

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Warming greenhouse gas emissions "substantially exceed the highest concentrations recorded in ice cores during the last 800,000 years," the IPCC noted. Carbon dioxide levels, which come mainly from burning fossil fuels, have risen 40% since pre-industrial times.
Below we have compiled some more notable effects of climate change cited by the ‘Business Insider‘ portal.

1. Climate change will have a very high cost
The US Natural Resources Defense Council estimated that the effects of climate change, such as drought, storms, and other phenomena, will cost the US budget of $ 100 billion, while by 2030 Climate change is projected to cost the global economy $ 700 billion a year, according to the Climate Vulnerability Monitor.

2. Hundreds of millions of people will be displaced in 2050
According to the International Organization for Migration, disasters related to climate change will be the biggest drivers for displacement. It further estimates that by 2050 some 200 million people could be forced to leave their homes due to environmental changes. Meanwhile, another study yielded even more alarming results, predicting that the rise in sea level, caused by an increase in temperature by 3 degrees Celsius, would force more than 600 million people to look for new homes.

3. Dengue and malaria will spread to the US.
Increased heat, rainfall and humidity will make it easier for tropical and subtropical insects, which spread diseases such as malaria or dengue, to expand their habitat to new places, even in the northern hemisphere, such as the United States, according to the World Health Organization.

4. 8% of the world's population will experience water scarcity by 2100
The researchers calculated that by 2100, due to an increase in temperature of 2 degrees Celsius as an effect of climate change, 8% more of the world's population will suffer "aggravated water shortages."

5. Hurricanes will be more intense and wet
The US National Climate Assessment recently found that hurricane categories 4 and 5 (the strongest) have increased in frequency, intensity and duration since the 1980s. Researchers predict that "the trend will continue." . The researchers predict an increase of up to 11% in hurricane intensity, as well as a 20% increase in rainfall during hurricanes.

6. Millions of people and billions in assets are at risk in coastal cities
By 2070, a 0.5 meter rise in sea level will generate immense economic losses in cities around the world. Calcutta in India, and Miami in the US, would be the most affected.

7. Historic places in the world are at risk of disappearing
With an annual increase in global temperatures of 1 degree centigrade, more than 40 Unesco heritage sites will be threatened by rising sea levels in a couple of decades. But if the temperature rises 3 degrees Celsius, the number of threatened heritage sites would increase to 136, including Venice, Istanbul or Saint Petersburg, according to a study by Environmental Research Letters.

8. Corn and wheat harvests will decline
Global crop yields are slowing with reduced rainfall and higher temperatures. Crops like wheat and corn have already been affected in certain regions, and their continued decline in global production would lead to food shortages and political instability, according to the IPCC.

9. Small island nations could disappear
Rising sea levels will seriously threaten the existence of the small islands. "Rising sea levels will cause flooding, strong waves and erosion of small islands and coastal regions," according to an IPCC report.

10. Reefs are in danger of extinction
Climate change creates unfavorable conditions for the survival of coral reefs, which could be at risk of disappearing by 2050, according to the World Resources Institute. Coral reefs act as buffers against storms and marine erosion, and with their disappearance many coastal countries would be exposed to large waves and erosion.

11. Long droughts will make dry regions even drier
A study published in the journal "Nature" revealed that regions of the Mediterranean, Central and South America and other regions of Asia will experience longer droughts in the coming years. "The water reserves will not be replenished, and the contaminants of the vital liquid will increase," the article noted.

12. 63% of the main wine-producing regions would disappear by 2050
With increasing temperatures, many of today's wine producing regions will become unsuitable for vineyards. High temperatures will seriously affect the habitat not only of plants but also of animals.

13. Many countries are losing their main source of water
More than 1 billion people around the world depend on glaciers for their water source, but glaciers are rapidly melting due to global warming, the IPCC reported.

14. Fishing will decrease up to 50% in various regions
By the year 2060, due to the increase in global temperature by 2.8 degrees Celsius, fishing will decrease by up to 50% in several equatorial regions and parts of Antarctica.

15. Another 20 million children will go hungry
A report from the World Food Program predicts that extreme weather events will damage arable land, threatening the food security of millions of people. Impacts on crops will lead to an increase in the number of malnourished children by about 11 million in Asia, 10 million in Africa and 1.4 million in Latin America, according to the report. By 2050, harvests in these regions are expected to be reduced by up to 50%


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