Marina Silva Avina's candidate for the presidency of Brazil

Marina Silva Avina's candidate for the presidency of Brazil

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By Paco Puche

As is well known, the death of the initially candidate for the PSB, Eduardo Campos, on August 13, in a plane crash, raised Marina Silva, his second, to be the candidate for the Presidency. As of this moment, the polls have raised his expectation of voting and, it is calculated, that in the second round he can win the elections.

A controversial charismatic leader

A Troskista in her youth, a trade unionist with Chico Méndez, thirty years in the Labor Party, sixteen as a senator for that party and five years as Minister of the Environment with Lula, a position from which she left in 2008, among other things, for opposing the policy of concessions of her government to agribusiness companies in the Amazon, these are some of the background of the candidate.

In 2010 she went on her own with a small party (the Green Party) as a candidate for the presidency and obtained 20 million votes. Shortly after, she left the party and in 2013 she launched a new one, which she intended to be different from the conventional ones, with the name of Red de Sustentabilidade (Rede), which she could not put on her feet and, finally, in 2014 she appeared as a candidate for the vice-presidency with Eduardo Campos in the candidacy of the PSB to finally replace him after his tragic accident as a candidate for the presidential elections next October.

This profile means that the representatives of big capital, although they do not prefer her to the candidate of the center-right, the PSDB, given her possibilities, resign themselves to supporting her against the PT candidate, Dilma Rousseff, whom they are trying to unseat.

A candidate from the hand of big “progressive” capital.

Marina Silva in her government proposals, economically, does not question neoliberalism1. Although it claims to prioritize sustainability issues, it has the backing of big capital sectors that seek to modernize capitalism, such as the Council of Brazilian Companies for Sustainable Development (CEBDS). This organization says itself2: “Established in 1997, BCSD Brazil is part of the WBCSD Global Network, it represents approximately 50 large business groups with income equivalent to 40% of the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP) that is created around 600 thousand direct and an even greater number of indirect jobs.

The BCSD Brazil mission is to mobilize, raise awareness companies and help integrate the principles and practices of sustainable development ”.

Her friend Tide Setúbal, a millionaire whose family controls the largest private bank in Brazil, and due to her opposition to the partial re-nationalization of Petrobras, also has her friend Tide Setúbal as main financer, the company's shares rose 6 points when her candidacy was taken for granted. In the agreement with the PSB to run for the presidency, he had to accept as vice president Luís Alburquerque, who maintains close ties with agribusiness and who as a deputy promoted a law that authorized the increase in transgenic soybean crops, an alliance that is a bad match. with the reasons for her former resignation as Minister.

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), Stephan Schmidheiny and Avina

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) was founded in 1991 by Stephan Schmidheiny, a Swiss magnate, in preparation for the 1992 UN Earth Summit. Later, Schmidheiny was appointed honorary president of the WBCSD in 2000. It constitutes a global network to which the section of Brazil that we mentioned above belongs and that supports Silva.

Schmidheiny, one of the richest people on the planet, obtained his fortune mainly from the multinational Eternit, the company that along with six others controlled the asbestos business in the world throughout the 20th century. That fortune, made by him and his family at the cost of the lives of tens of thousands of workers and their families, has helped him in part to found and finance Avina, a foundation that claims to promote sustainable development in Latin America. To this day, he is sentenced to 18 years in prison for the death of more than two thousand people in a few factories he had in Italy, handed down by a second instance court in Turin. Many more convictions will follow because there are also many victims of the asbestos industry, one of the most criminal in the world and that the Swiss magnate had throughout the world. Collaborating with Avina is supporting a genocide.3

With Avina, Schmidheiny wants to continue doing business with the poor but, above all, cover his crimes with a green disguise at the cost of shelling out dollars. For this reason, it co-opts and allies with leaders of civil society to obtain legitimacy and prestige.

His most consistent allies include Leonardo Boff and Marina Silva, two renowned Brazilians.

Avina in her official pages presents Marina Silva as an ally of hers. That is why he promotes her and invites her to prestigious events, as he does with all his co-opted parties.

For example, in December 2010 he was at the III Avina Global Workshop on the occasion of COP 16 (Conference of the parties on Climate Change), in Cancun.

In December 2011, again, she was at the meeting organized by the Avina foundation in Durban on the occasion of COP 17, and on its pages she was presented as “former presidential candidate and ally of the AVINA foundation”.

In June 2012, Avina, together with Ashoka, the foundation to which she is linked by strategic ties, organized a meeting parallel to Rio + 20 in the same city, called the Social Enlightenment Forum, in which Marina Silva was invited as usual be habitual.

And in May 2014, already a candidate for vice-presidency for the PSB, the Avina Foundation organized a conference cycle for the continent in cities such as Lima, Quito, Bogotá, La Paz, Buenos Aires and Montevideo.

From Marina Silva, for her relationships with Schmidheiny, for the promotion she makes of her, for the support of the business organizations of which Schmidheiny is the founder, and for her current ideas, it can be said that she is Avina's candidate, not only because it is the genocidal's favorite, if not because it has their full support and, if it wins, it will continue to have it as a privileged ally.

In summary, using a synecdoche, we could say that Marina Silva is the asbestos candidate for the presidency of Brazil.

After Schmidheiny bet on the Latin American continent, back in 2003 with the creation of the Viva Trust, Avina's financier, and made significant investments in its development and in the co-optation of the leaders of social movements, it seems that it is about to harvest a succulent harvest. If since its creation Avina had been denounced in her claims and in her nature, she had not gone so far. Instead, social movements with co-opted leaders have been silent or, worse, have tried to "kill the messenger" in the rare cases that this has occurred from within.

For those who continue with Avina, we must warn them that big capital is not a gamble, and that all the hundreds of thousands of victims of asbestos are demanding justice and reparation.


1 He affirms that “the problem of Brazil is not its elite, it is the lack of it”.



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