The importance of biodiversity in Argentina

The importance of biodiversity in Argentina

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By Cristian Frers

It is the concept by which reference is made to the great variety of living beings that exist on the planet, as well as the genetic variants that have been produced by the evolution of species, including by human influence on ecosystems. But it not only includes the definition of the multiple species that populate the Earth, but also implies a system in which the interaction and interdependence between them is essential, since the chain through which species interact with each other is essential.

There is currently a rapid reduction as a consequence of a high rate of species extinction. Preserving their diversity is one of the objectives, since the impact on nature due to their absence can be catastrophic. An anteater, for example, is a consumer of termites and ants; their disappearance could cause an explosion of insects that would alter the balance of ecosystems.

Human activities also alter their natural balance, producing dramatic changes in their composition, as well as in the relationships between species and individuals. A serious consequence of this deterioration both at the genetic level of the populations and the number of species and varieties is the general loss of species.

Activities such as extensive cattle ranching, agriculture on unsuitable or migratory soils, illegal mining, hydrocarbon activities, predatory fishing, routes and logging, without replacement programs, developed without adequate control or techniques, without finding a sustainable production model are a tragedy. We note the consequences in the impact of deforestation, the reduction of fishing, the contamination of water resources, diseases due to the lack of environmental sanitation, soil erosion, the increase in floods and landslides.

We must become aware of the importance of biodiversity. The Argentine State must prepare an inventory of the country's genetic resources, creating the corresponding database. Likewise, it must sanction a national law, accompanying the provisions of the Convention on Biological Diversity, that protects the genetic wealth of our country for its sustainable benefit and be able to establish an effective control with the corresponding sanctions, in case of non-compliance with respect to its extraction. and use.

One of the greatest challenges posed to the community and especially to countries rich in biological diversity is precisely the definition of strategies that allow them to promote its use with sustainable criteria and opportunities that contribute to economic and social development and improve quality. life of its people.

Biodiversity plays an important role in the identity of its citizens, in its production and in cultural development; it is a source of inspiration, production and recreation for different human groups. In the cultural and artistic sphere, the diversity of life forms constitutes the basis of knowledge, religious or philosophical beliefs, which guide people's lifestyles: it is important to take care of it since we endanger our own existence as a species.

The environment is valuable and its custody depends on man: its care is an ethical duty. An intelligent management of natural resources implies contemplating nature in a comprehensive manner, recognizing the relationships and general processes, water cycles, climates in each region, erosion processes, among other measures.

This global consideration has as object of study the ecosystem. The interaction of the conscious man with the environment makes him the true responsible.

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