Spain will be the first country in the world to certify noise-free hotels

Spain will be the first country in the world to certify noise-free hotels

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By Rafael González

Spain will be the first country in the world to grant a badge to those hotel establishments that comply with the quality and acoustic comfort of their facilities, which "will have a direct economic benefit".

This was stated to Efeverde by the general director of the Audiotec Acoustics Technology Center, Ana Espinel, who explained that "the demand for these noise-free spaces is manifested by the large number of complaints received by hotels", as the client of quality "seeks comfort and intimacy free of sounds".

The Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero (ITH) and the Grupo Audiotec Centro Tecnológico de Acústica have today signed the collaboration agreement that will allow the implementation of this Acoustic Quality Certification (AQH).

The distinction, which can be requested by any establishment that offers a room sale or rental service, has been made known to the nearly 20,000 hotels that are part of the database of the Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero.

Espinel explained that in order to achieve such recognition, a free diagnosis of the site is carried out by means of which the hotel's particularities are known and then a series of acoustic measurements "in situ" are carried out in lounges, rooms, entrance, garage or elevators, that is to say, "in all that space that can generate noise".

In addition to the internal evaluation, the acoustic impact from the environment is also studied; "If the hotel is located in the vicinity of the M-30, it is analyzed how the noise from the road affects the facade," he said.

WHO references

The acoustic level for hotels, established according to the reference indicated by the World Health Organization (WHO), should not exceed 25 to 35 decibels, although “everything will depend on the environment and we will always try not to exceed the margin of 25 ".

According to the director of Audiotec, this is a “voluntary and not standardized” identification, which did not exist until now due to the absence of legislation that defines the levels of acoustic quality that these establishments must have.

The AQH will be updated every year and, if the hotel has not had any variation, it will be maintained until a new follow-up and verification audit is carried out after two years.

Direct economic benefit

"The certification will have a direct economic benefit for businesses and will allow them to compete with those who lack it thanks to its added value," said the expert, who highlighted the visibility of performance that acoustic engineering will have from now on .

In this sense, it has stated that many times it has not taken into account all those actions present in the acoustic engineering market aimed at putting up barriers to noise from tourist establishments, such as that generated by a musical team.

Proper conditioning

"It is not true that Spaniards are noisy in and of themselves," explained Espinel, who specifies that the country's climate invites us to stay abroad and there is not always adequate conditioning of the houses, so "we transmit a lot scandal from inside to outside ”.

In his opinion, if you see the noise map of Paris, London or Dublin next to that of Madrid "there is not so much variation", and the difference lies in the schedule, which, in the case of Spain, "is more open to leisure and makes exposure to sound more at night ”.

Finally, he recalled that the excess of decibels affects the health of the human being, specifically on the mind, the nervous system and the digestive system.


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