Living Well and the Rights of Mother Earth as an alternative to Capitalism and its development models

Living Well and the Rights of Mother Earth as an alternative to Capitalism and its development models

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By Freddy Delgado Burgoa *

This framework law, drawn up by social movements, mainly native indigenous peasants and representatives of different urban and rural sectors of the country through workshops organized by the Plurinational Legislative Assembly (2012 management), the Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Environment and Water, in which the AGRUCO university center of the UMSS actively participated, we consider that it is the greatest effort and concrete achievement in terms of public policies, in the face of extractivist currents and contrary to the rights of mother earth (defined in law 071 called precisely as the Law of the Rights of Mother Earth).

The Law covers all sectors of the central level of the Plurinational State of Bolivia and the autonomous territorial entities within the framework of the powers assigned in the Political Constitution of the State, Law No. 031 Framework of Autonomies and Decentralization "Andrés Ibáñez" and Law No. 071 on the Rights of Mother Earth and becomes a Framework Law and preferential application for the development of specific laws, policies, norms, strategies, plans, programs and projects.

It should be noted in the framework law, the consideration as one of the 17 principles, the dialogue of knowledge that assumes the complementarity between traditional and / or ancestral knowledge and knowledge and science . This implies in itself, the full recognition of the wisdom of the original indigenous nations to guarantee the continuity of the regenerative capacity of the components and systems of life of mother earth, but also the urgent need for openness of modern western science of Eurocentric origin, which is the one taught in our universities, almost hegemonically in all scientific disciplines and areas of knowledge. At UMSS we believe that substantive steps have been taken that should be included in the debate and substantive analysis at the university congress, which we consider to be an urgent need for life and death.

The Framework Law of Mother Earth is the relevant legal context for the achievement of the objectives and results of the National BIOCULTURE Program from the perspective of promoting adequate social, economic, normative and institutional conditions, which enable the implementation of endogenous systems, models and initiatives. comprehensive and sustainable, through the construction or updating of public policies, within the framework of an inter-scientific dialogue and local knowledge.

The Ministry of Environment and Water (MMAYA) is actively working on the implementation of the National Bioculture Program (PNB), which has four lines linked to the concept and practice of living well through the conservation of biodiversity, the generation of spaces governance, the recovery of ancestral knowledge and security with food sovereignty - production, which contribute to providing a holistic conception of the natural resources provided by mother earth. In this context, the PNB has assumed the responsibility of supporting the process of analysis, agreement and approval of the Law of Mother Earth and integral development as an interface to live well, as well as its subsequent dissemination. The Monitoring and Evaluation Unit of the PNB is carried out by the UMSS and the UMSA through the AGRUCO University Center, the Center for Postgraduate Development (CIDES) and the Institute of Ecology, in 32 municipalities of the country directly and 18 more in indirectly with the execution of endogenous biocultural projects, which highlights the development of a baseline of indicators of living well that arise from local actors and are complemented by the United Nations millennium goals.

The PNB is the first experience of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, which brings the discourse of living well and of mother earth to public management and the execution of projects in a very broad network of native indigenous peasant organizations, municipalities, NGOs, universities ( with research and training projects), with funding from the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation (SDC) and under the direction of MMAYA.

The support of the PNB to the process of analysis and dissemination of the law and regulation of Mother Earth and the integral development to live well, is a joint work with other institutions such as the Secretariat of the Rights of Mother Earth of the Government of Cochabamba, which has started at the end of April of the present

Currently, work is being done on the regulation of the Plurinational Authority of Mother Earth, which is constituted as a strategic and autarkic entity under public law and with autonomy of administrative, technical and economic management, under the supervision of the MMAYA whose operation will be established by supreme decree . Acts within the framework of the plurinational climate change policy and plan to live well with a transversal and intersectoral approach, is responsible for the formulation of policies, planning, technical management, preparation and execution of strategies, plans, program and projects, administration and transfer of financial resources related to the processes and dynamics of climate change.

These spaces for analysis, discussion and agreement on policies, programs and projects should allow the public university and in particular our university and San Simonian community to expand work with the different instances of the State and Bolivian society, permanently updating our training programs. undergraduate, postgraduate, research and social interaction training, where research and postgraduate centers play a fundamental

· Freddy Delgado Burgoa Ph.D.


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